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PS128 Psychobiotic

Lactiplantibacillus plantarum PS128

  • 12+ clinical studies

  • Probiotic Product of the Year Winner (2018 & 2021 NutraIngredients-Asia Awards)

  • 60 million+ doses sold

  • Safe to use (GRAS, QPS)

  • Vegan (isolated from mustard greens)



Key functions & benefits

  • Regulates dopamine (motor control, motivation) and serotonin (mood, sleep)

  • Reduces cortisol (stress) levels throughout the body

  • Boosts amounts of key SCFAs (short-chain fatty acids) and 

  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory (reduces TNF-α and IL-6, increases IL-10)

  • Improves athletic endurance and post-workout physical recovery

  • Promotes healthy digestion

Clinically proven

The psychobiotic function of our strains is verified through scientific research. Neurological, mental, and physical health benefits of PS128 for conditions including autism, Parkinson's, and more have been demonstrated through many clinical studies.


How psychobiotics work


Our "microbiota-gut-brain axis" is made up of our gut microbes and the two-way connection between our enteric (intestinal) and central nervous systems. Probiotics in our GI tract interact with our own gut microbes, the food we consume, neurons, endocrine cells, and various immune receptors. They produce SCFAs, balance neurotransmitter and hormone levels, modify genetic expression within our cells, and elicit a variety of other health benefits.


From within the gut, PS128 regulates multiple pathways that determine concentrations of different molecules in the body. Its main mechanism of action is still being studied, but we know PS128 has the unique potential to modulate neurotransmitters (dopamine and serotonin), stress hormone (cortisol), and more.

An imbalance in any of these molecules  can cause symptoms and disorders that may be benefited by taking PS128.

More about PS128

More information on PS128, including a deeper dive into its clinical research, safety evidence, testimonials, and news.

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