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Digestive Metabolism

Lactiplantibacillus (Lactobacillus) plantarum K21 probiotic

  • Isolated from fermented vegetables

  • 2 patents granted

  • Safe and clinically proven

  • Inhibits lipid accumulation to alleviate body weight gain

  • Hydrolyzes bile salt to reduce cholesterol levels

Scientific evidence

We are committed to proving the benefits of probiotics through scientific study. Preclinical research has demonstrated the following results of using K21:

  • Protected against the onset of obesity caused by a high-fat diet by alleviating body fat accumulation and weight gain.

  • Helped maintain a healthy lipid profile.

  • Strengthened intestinal permeability and regulated healthy gut microbiota.

How it works

Perhaps for more than any other indication, probiotics are taken to improve digestive function. K21 is a digestive probiotic strain able to hydrolyze, or break down, bile salts, which are used for lipid digestion and fat storage.


Through this mechanism, K21 can help regulate weight, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels.

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