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Canine & feline probiotic blend

  • Vet-recommended, clinically proven ingredients

  • Balances mood and behavior

  • Reduces stress, benefits digestive function

  • Can be used alone or as an addition to your pet supplement product

How it works

CalmHerecan significantly improve a pet's mood and behavior. Through the gut-brain axis (the connection between the gut and nervous system), its ingredients work by balancing two main hormones.

Serotonin levels are fortified. This all-important molecule is required for functions such as mood regulation, sleep quality, bone health, and digestion.

Cortisol levels are controlled. When this stress hormone is chronically raised it results in behavioral as well as mental and physical health issues.

Canine clinical study

Forty-five dogs with behavioral problems were given probiotic PS128 (key live probiotic ingredient of CalmHere) for 14 days. Significant improvements were seen in the following areas:

  • Emotional states

  • Canine aggression

  • Separation anxiety

Read the full study here.

Learn more

Are you a veterinarian who wants to test samples of CalmHere in the animals you care for? Interested in formulating a pet supplement containing CalmHere? Just want to know more about this probiotic blend?

Feel free to
contact us, and we will be happy to respond promptly.

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