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Bened Biomedical Affiliates US Distributor, Now Bened Life

Jun 08, 2022

Bened Biomedical Co, LTD., the global leader in psychobiotics with clinical studies, has acquired its US distributor Oryx Biomedical, Inc., who is pioneering the translation of microbiome research into impactful biotherapeutics and is one of the earliest stage companies bringing the gut-brain axis category of probiotics to the market.

Based in Taiwan and founded by Prof. Ying-Chieh Tsai, PhD, Bened Biomedical holds 35 probiotic patents, its strains have been studied in over 25 clinical trials, and the company’s many psychobiotic and functional probiotic products have sold over 35 million doses.

Founded by biologist David Lee, Oryx Biomedical specializes in gut-brain axis probiotics and acts as the US distributor for Bened Biomedical. The company is on a mission to elevate the profile of live, gut-brain therapeutics in an untapped market. It’s one of the earliest stage companies bringing the psychobiotic/gut-brain axis probiotics category to the US.

Bened Life will continue carrying on Oryx Biomedical's mission, with added support from Bened Biomedical to enhance its competitive advantage, accelerate growth, and carve out a bigger stake in the medical probiotic industry. The acquisition will increase research and development, investments in cutting-edge production technology, and opportunities for expanded product lines and target audiences.

Leadership of Bened Life will be as follows:

  • Professor Tsai - Chief Scientist

  • Franklin Cheng - CEO

  • David Lee - COO

  • Carletus Willis - Head of Growth

“I’m looking forward to merging with our US partners to develop a cohesive global brand that elevates gut-brain axis research to help both healthy people and those with neurological disorders live their lives to their fullest potential,” says Franklin Cheng, CEO at Bened Life.

"We’re excited to join the Bened Biomedical family to support further research into how probiotics can influence the gut-brain connection. Each company and employee has valuable insights, expertise, and ideas that will allow us, together, to deliver life-enhancing probiotics at scale and build a company that has strong community ties,” says David Lee, COO at Bened Life.

For more information on Bened Life, please visit


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