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Healthy Aging

Lactobacillus paracasei PS23™ &
VigorBiotics™ (PS23 postbiotics)

  • Isolated from the human microbiome

  • L. paracasei granted QPS (qualified presumption of safety) status by European Food Safety Authority

  • VigorBiotics ideal for use in functional foods and beverages (stable even at high temperatures and moisture levels and throughout the harsh GI-tract environment)

Image by Robina Weermeijer

Health benefits

  • Replenishes BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor)

  • Balances dopamine and serotonin

  • Restores neural and cognitive function

  • Helps maintain muscle strength

  • Improves aging GI function

Clinical findings

We are committed to proving the benefits of probiotics through scientific research. Multiple clinical studies are currently underway. Preclinical studies have already demonstrated the following results from taking PS23:

How it works

As we age, our neurons degenerate, often resulting in cognitive and motor deterioration. PS23 enhances neural activity and diminishes this decline. It interacts with other microbes, neurons, immune cells, and various receptors in the gut to modulate our neurons through our microbiota-gut-brain axis. PS23 increases levels of BDNF, a molecule that stimulates and regulates the growth of brain neurons, especially in areas where learning and memory occur. In addition, the psychobiotic increases mitochondrial function. Mitochondria affect a number of key aspects of aging, and their health is crucial in extenuating the loss of both muscle mass and function.


By researching the properties of PS23, it was found that when the psychobiotic is exposed to high temperatures, it still maintains its beneficial effects. This expands the range of applications through which PS23 can be enjoyed.